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Restoring 71

a prairie habitat conservation project

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Restoring 71 is a landowner protected natural area. It is home to nearly 150 wildlife species, 25 of which are considered species at risk. Conserving these species requires protection of the habitat features they rely on.

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By limiting disturbance, the land regenerates itself, soil conditions improve and dormant native grass seeds reemerge. Strategic planting enhances the natural restoration process.

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The Restoring 71 story is shared in words, photography, video and experience. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram, book our outdoor classroom, or stop by for a self-guided nature wander or guided tour.

About Us

The Restoring 71 Project is a landowner driven and funded initiative created and managed by Aaron and Katie Suek

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How To Find Us

We are located just off the beaten path approximately 10 km west of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,

Map and Directions

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